Jumpering on Load Side of Circuit Breaker


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My company recently switched circuit breaker vendors.

Our old vendor allowed us to jumper on either the line or the load side, but our new vendor only allows the installation of a jumper bar on the load side.

I have only seen jumper bars on the line side of a circuit breaker.

Does anyone out there jumper their circuit breakers on the load side?
Is there any reason to do it this way or not to do it this way?
>I'm not sure what you mean by jumpering.

I should have mentioned that these are Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers that would go on industrial control panels. I should have been more clear. I'm not talking about house wiring.

If you were jumpering 2 circuit breakers on the line side, then the line side of each circuit breaker would be connected together. In this case, I'm using a jumper bar. The jumper bars are pieces of copper designed to fit into the circuit breakers.

I'm referring to jumpering as electrically connecting 2 points together. If you measured the resistance between 2 points jumpered together, you would get <1 Ohm (preferably ~0.1 Ohm).