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John Eaton

There is still some confusion within my department as whether to try flat 'KwikLink' cable from AB or whether to go with the better protected 'big round' trunk cable. Advantages I can see are the eaasy installation clips for the falt but discussions have come about from the flat not being shielded. Has anyone any expierience of flat or large trunk cables.
We use both, the Flat KwikLink Cable is all cool up in panel type installations, mount Armor Block or I/O modules to them, whatever. The trunk cable is hard to beat for strength/shielding though if your running it anyware for any distance. The KwikLink Cable also has much stricter distance limitations than the trunk cable. The book throws out the numbers, can't remember them right now. Have fun.
We use the trunk cables here, and have been doing so for some time now. Our equipment sees heavy abuse both through frequent relocation, and as well through extreme enviromental exposure.

The only problem I can recall having with a devicenet module, (short of having connections eventualy shake loose) is that it needed re-seating against the backplane.

We've run them way outside thier temprature specs, and they seem to hold up very well.

Patrick Allen
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Jocko Harmet

In your selection of cable, you need to consider maintenance of the devices. If the system can run without 1 or more of the devices, you may want to avoid daisy chaining the devices. I prefer the trunk cable, using the distribution adapters that have up to 8 ports. The round cable allows the use of plug type connectors that simplify re-connection of a new device on the network.

In your programming, make sure to include error handling. There are fault monitoring bits, and bits that you can use to reset the module. This will keep you from having to re-boot the entire system each time a network error occurs.

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