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Colin Bravington

Hi fellow list members
I wonder if anyone can help.

I have a customer, trying to source a large scale numeric display with 4-20 mA input. Minimum size 500 x 200 mm. Number of digits not specified but I guess 5 would be typical.

Have any of you experience with similar displays? Can anyone suggest a supplier, preferably UK based or with a UK distributor?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Regards Colin
Another possibility... Vorne Industries has 12" high (just over 300mm) displays available. As for larger than that, maybe you can look into the displays that are used to display traffic information on roadways.

- Eric Nelson
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Packaging Associates Automation Inc. [email protected]
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Michael Tucker

Hello, We use a large display from a company called UTICOR i believe.....they may do a wide varity