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A. Patsekov

Dear Friends,

Please help me find a supplier of equipment to measure latex flow.

data as following:

Size: 40A ( 1 1/2") JIS 10K Flang type
Flow:0 - 40000 Litre/min.
Pressure: 6 bar
Oil Temp. 25 degree C max.

Thanks again.
Are you sure your MAX flow rate is 40,000 l/min?
To get ANY liquid thru a 1 1/2" pipe at that rate would take alot more than 6 bar.

Paul Yankello

A Positive displacement meter would work out great if your flow data is incorrect and is actually 40,000 ml/m anstead of 40,000 l/m. I
don't think it is possible to move 40,000 l/m thru a 1.5" pipe. 40,000 ml/m would be approx. 10.56 gpm or 2.12 fps in a 1.5" pipe. What is
the viscosity???? check out for info on PD meters for this application.