Lean Head End (LHE) Liner Flow Tolerance

A number of years ago I helped solve an issue where Frame 9B units with LHE liners were not lighting off well and did not achieve full speed without flaming out one or two cans. The station had a number of liner sets, but the liners had not been kept in sets. This allowed the sets to get mixed up and the flow tolerance / effective area of the individual liners fell outside the tolerance. Each liner had been flow tested by the manufacturer to the OEM requirements. The flow test data was reviewed and we were able to select a number of liners into a set where the tolerance on flow was within the OEM requirements. When this selected set was fitted the unit lit on first attempt, crossfired and ran up to full speed without flame loss.
Unfortunately I do not recall the OEM flow tolerance on the liners. I am supporting a client who I believe has the same or similar issue. If anyone can help by advising what the flow tolerance is on a set of LHE liners I would be most grateful. Some memory suggests 3%, but I could be wrong, and this could be +-3% from a mean for the set or maybe it should be +-1.5% from the mean. Any assistance would be well recieved.