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Curt Wuollet

Hi all For all those who want to use Linux in automation, I have designed a board, that in conjunction with a Mesurement Computing (was ComputerBoards) CIO-DIO48, will provide 24 sink/source optoisolated 24VDC industrial inputs and 24 optoisolated .5ADC OC sinking outputs. The idea is that these can be used in the same manner as your favorite PLC. With the DIO card the cost for my first build was $3.33/point. Linux Drivers for the DIO48 are available Open Source and in the Open Source manner of the LinuxPLC project, this design and the artwork for direct reproduction are available free on the LinuxPLC site. (Or should be soon) if not, inquire at [email protected] which is our mailing list and I will mail you the tgz. I am not currently offering board blanks, kits, or assembled boards, but I suspect someone will. Regards cww PS the sink output drivers can be replaced with source drivers to suit your local custom.