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Ramer-1, Carl

George Culver wrote "Contact a vendor who has much experience applying drives to cranes since there are serious life safety issues involved." This is one of the reasons this list is so valuable. George and quite a few others regularly provide this kind of wisdom to selflessly help the rest of us and prevent us from creating technological masterpieces that can harm people or damage property. Somewhere in the textbooks there should be a formula to include a large percentage of common sense and wisdom before trying to balance an equation which contains technology as a factor. Thanks, George (et. al.). Carl Ramer, Engineer Space Gateway Support, Inc. Kennedy Space Center, Florida Unsponsored professional comment

Hakan Ozevin

You are right, but the precautions should not be limited to cranes or elevators. In regulations, we see that the rules are written for "civil people", however workers and even technicians in a factory are also subject to injuries or death. They do not really know where the danger can come from. In fact they are open to those dangers more frequently. I personally believe that if there is an injury in a factory, the designer is responsible from this. The design should be done that, only VERY OBVIOUS negligence can result in an injury and the designer should take all the precautions, regardless of the costs, to minimize the risk of such a hazard. I feel very sad as some engineers still do not know what a two hand safety relay, or a simple safety relay is. This should be a lecture in the university. Nowadays in some factories we have safety engineers, however for the rest, this responsibility should be taken by control or maintenance engineers. I believe that nothing is important than human life or health, for any cost. Hakan Ozevin