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Walt Flannagan

Can A Logix 5 file be converted back to 6200? Like a library file or any cool trick I can throw down? Appreciate any Advice.

Lawrence Ortner

You can Save As in RSLogix 5 as type ".X5". This is the AI5 softwar's type, but 6200 has a file convertion utility built in to create it's ".AF5" out of the ".X5". The 6200 will expect to find the ".X5" file in c:\plc5\progs" (AI5's default). It will be easiest just to create that folder temporarily. This will convert ladder, data and configuration, but not the documentation. The RSLogix 5 can also export the documentation directly to the 6200 import format (simple text files). Use the Tools, Database ASCII Export option.
From rocksoft web...

Use these steps to convert an RSLogix 5 project to a 6200 Series PLC-5 project.

1. In RSLogix 5, select File > Save As and change the Save As Type field to PLC-5 Programs(*.X5).
2. Browse to \IPDS\ARCH\PLC5 and click Save to save the program in the .x5 format.
3. Select Tools > Database > ASCII Export. Click the AB 6200 radio button for the Export Output Format, then click OK.
4. In the Select Export Destination Directory dialog, browse to \IPDS\TEXT\PLC5 and click OK.
5. Click OK to accept the warning about symbols. This creates a .txt file with the same name as your project.
6. In 6200 Series PLC-5, select [F7] - File Utilities > [F6] - Import > [F8] - 6200 from AI/WinLogic 5.
7. Highlight the .x5 file and select [F3] - Select Source.
If you do not see the .x5 file, you may need to move the file or change the default directory for AI-5 projects. 6200-PLC5 defaults to C:\PLC5\PROGS as the subdirectory for AI-5 projects. To change the default directory, from the main menu, select F6-Sftware Configr, F7-Define Dir, F2-AI/WL5 Dir, and enter the name of the directory you want to use. Here, we have assumed that \IPDS\TEXT\PLC5 is the directory. If you do not have AI-5 loaded on your computer, this might be a good choice for the directory.
8. Select [F4] - Type in Destination, then type the name of the project in the destination field and press [Enter].
9. Since you exported, you need to disable the option to import the database. Select [F6] - Select data, highlight Comments and Symbols, press [F3] - Toggle Selectn, [F9] - Save Config, and Escape to go back to the previous menu.
10. Select [F1] - Begin Oper to begin the import.
11. Select [F3] - Comments and Symbols from the Import menu.
12. Highlight the .txt file and select [F3] - Select Source. Press [F4] - Type in Destination. Type the name of the project in the destination field and press [Enter].
You should use the same project name you used in step 6 for the destination field of the External Format Import dialog.
13. Select [F1] - Begin Oper to begin the import.

With RSLogix 5 version 1.0.9, the symbols that are exported to the .txt file will be truncated to 10 characters even though 6200-PLC5 version 5.01 and above can handle 20 character symbol names. The descriptions should be imported correctly.
Export as X5 and a 6200 can now read X5 format (old ICOM format). Also I think their might be a direct export to 6200 but I am not in front of a
terminal with RSLogix on it right now....


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