Reading an ASCII value from bar code scanner into RS Logix 500 programming environment , Processor: Allen Bradley Micrologix 1100

I am trying to build an inventory management system that receives part numbers(Format, 123-45:67) from a bar code scanner and uses RS Logix 1100 PLC to keep a track of parts in stock . I require some help on programming steps, to receive a value (part number) through Channel 0 and store in a string and clear buffer for next barcode scan.
In the day, we used a Basic Module to receive bar code data for an SLC5 series system.
It wasn't ASCII coded, just big numbers which were truncated to allow sensible handling
for conveyor route direction.

To store in a string just bear in mind the 1100 has very little data memory (4k).
Channel 0 is a non-standard serial data connector, defaulting to Rockwell's DF1 protocol.
To change it look at Page 72 onwarsd of the Service Manual: