LVDT excitation

Hi everyone,

In our shop we have an old Mark V cabinet that we upgraded to mark VIe and we are using it as a simulator, last time while trying to check an old lvdt if it's good or not I noticed that I don't have the excitation (7 V rms) in the first LVDT from the QTBA, I checked the two first pins of the JFF in the TCQC and I didn't find the voltage (7 V rms), I didn't find any fuses in this card that can be blown.

Please do you know how can I have the excitation back ?

I don't have any access to Mark V-to-Mark VIe Life Extension manuals, so I can't say what might be the problem.

My guess is that it might have to be enabled in some configuration field in ToolboxST.?.?.? I have heard that the new Mark VIe-compatible cards used in this product (the Mark V-to-Mark VIe Life Extension) sometimes required enabling for some functions that didn't require enabling in the original Mark V configurations, along with a LONG list of other changes and inconsistencies.

But, whilst traveling I don't have any access to drawings or manuals, and if my flights keep getting cancelled I won't have any access for another two or three days.

If this is just a trainer panel, can you just parallel from another working LVDT excitation source--at least for now, until someone else can respond or until I can get access to drawings/manuals? If you absolutely have to have that output working now, I don't know what to tell you.
Thank you so much for your answer, the excitation source is from the TCQC and it's an old Mark V card, the voltage was ok before the test, I lost it while testing an LVDT, so I think it's a hardware problem ( I think I made a short circuit). I tried to disable and enable its position from the toolbox but the problem is not solved.
As you said I'll use excitation from other points.

It's entirely likely that some kind of electrical problem (a short?) caused the output to fail. Very early Mark V printed circuit cards were not always very robust and would fail pretty easily. And, when printed circuit cards are old and the components on them are old, they will often fail quicker or more easily than when new.

Thanks for the feedback! And best of luck with the panel.