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You are invited and encouraged to visit, network with others and view some of the sample machine downtime information. Also there are surveys, industrial news feeds, files, even a cool Millennium Maintenance Man picture. We hope you will find this a useful tool in your industry. The amount of members is low as the area is new, but with extensive publicity, will grow exponentially. Please add to your favorites, and check back often. Thank you, and have a happy new year. From: Business Industrial Network Quote: "The cost of machine downtime is one of the most important issues in the manufacturing industry, and yet most are not consciously aware of the actual cost. According to surveys and opinions of experts all over the world, true downtime cost is not carefully analyzed and monitored by most." Your invitation to join: "Machine Downtime Discussion" Follow this link: Registration is free and your privacy will be respected. You will not receive e-mail SPAM after registration. If you experience problems using the above link, please ensure it was not split onto two lines. If so, cut and paste the full address into your browser's Web address area.