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Anybody have help guide for ToolboxST soft calculation Module namely M7FA051A1011_1?

Thank you

I think you might be referring to a big block, possibly one used for a 7FA.05 machine. Have you right-clicked on the block, and then clicked on 'Item Help' or 'Block Help' to see what GE might have provided?

Have you looked in the Operation & Service Manual provided with the turbine for help with the block?

Have you looked in the Control Specification provided with the turbine for help with the block?

Is this block used for Model-Based Control (MBC)?
Thanks for the response. Yes that's correct. I am referring to the block & block help is blocked. I looked everywhere i know but haven't found. My impression is GE providing help on those block which is old to them or which is already public. This block seems to be new for 7FA's/9FA's.

Do you mind to share from help if available?

Anticipated thanks

GE seems to be producing fewer and fewer help descriptions for their blocks. Don't exactly know why, but I believe that part of it is they are trying to protect their IP (Intellectual Property).

I can tell you that a lot of the newer "blocks" are actually macros, and if you expand the block in the Tree View pane on the left side of the ToolboxST window you can drill down into the macro and see the various primitives (ADD, SUBtract, MULTiply, COMPare, BENG (Boolean Engine, etc.) that make up the macro.

When I do this I usually end up having to hand-sketch the block to understand it--but it IS doable.

For machines which use MBC (Model-Based Control) I'm fairly confident that some of the blocks used for this control scheme are considered proprietary and IP and GE is doing very little to document what happens in these blocks, other than I have seen some explanations (brief and far from comprehensive) in the Operations & Service Manual provided with the unit.

I don't have any repository of Block or Item Help descriptions; if there is none available in ToolboxST by right-clicking on the block then it's likely there is nothing produced by GE. Again, if the block is a macro, you can expand the macro in the Tree View pane and see the primitives used to create the macro and by spending some time you can work through the logic and see what the macro is doing. But that can take some time (hours or days in some cases; some of the newest macros are very large and complicated).

I wish I had better news, but that's all I got. Are there no comments above/before this block that give a hint to what it is used for? Is it in a unique Task with comments that give a hint to its application? Comments won't be a lot of help, and they can sometimes be misleading (comments don't have to be correct--they aren't used by the processors in the Mark*).

So, I just had occasion to see a ToolboxST file for a 7FA.05, and I checked the MBC "block" in the ARES task, and it had a very similar, if not identical name. So, it seems the "block" you are inquiring about is THE Model-Based Control block which is VERY proprietary and about the only information you're going to find on that is in the Operation & Service Manual provided with the turbine.

It did appear to be some kind of Macro, and if I had the 'View Design' password it seems the "block" would have "opened" to be examined. But, alas; I don't have that password and no one on site had it either.