MCC and NEC Concerns


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I am trying to find out NEC regulations on the wiring of a neutral between several MCC panels for a application in Louisianna. Basically the MCC panels will have 6-conductor control cables running to each bucket. What I am trying to determine is weather or not I need to run a return neutral in each cable. If all MCC are bolted together, can that be considered as one panel?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
If you have a single control power source for multiple MCC compartments, then you can use the same neutral conductor. If each MCC compartment has its own control power source, then the neutral conductors from each compartment cannot touch each other (check the NEC regarding separately-derived sources of power)

Bob Peterson

I am not all that sure what you are asking. The MCC is considered as a single unit for the purpose of bonding, but this has nothing to do with neutrals.

If you are using a seperate control circuit transformer in each bucket (as is commonly done), then you need to run seperate neutrals, if there is some reason you need the neutral outside of the bucket. If you are not using the neutral for anything than its not required, and only one neutral would be required if you used a single branch circuit to power all of the bucket
control circuits.

You will probably also need to have a ground wire in each of your cables.

Bob Peterson