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Carlos Espejo


My problem is the next: I'm trying to communicate from my PC to a TSX Nano. I developed a soft master in Visual Basic 6 using the MSCOMM control. testing with simulators it works very well, my problem is that i don't receive any answer from the PLC. I constructed a module RS232/485 using a max232 and sn75176. i received my own echo, but now, enabling the sn75176 Rx and Tx at the same time (enabling the 12 max's arm) I only receive noise, or it could be a part of my echo. i expected this but the plc it's like dead, becouse its com led is always off, so i think it don't process my request. Please I need your help because this is the most important part of my project final, i'm studying computation eng. Thank you.

Carlos Espejo

PS: I beg your apologize about my english, I´m from Perú and I study en Argentina.
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