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Julio Fuentes

Hi All,

Thanks in advance. I am new in this world (Modbus).

I searched a lot on the web but I didn't find any answer. My apologies if this is a basic question. I have a meter connected to a Moxa Mgate MB3170, and I need to read and store the meter data.

1- Which program can be used to get the meter data or the MB3170 data provided y the meter?

2- Do I have to develop the script to access and query the Mgate MB3170 device?

3- Can I get the meter data and then insert into a Database to access this data any time I need?

Thank you so much.
1- There are a lot of programs you can use to read and/or write Modbus data p.e. SCADA, HMI, Modbus to Excel, Modbus to database, Modbus scanners. It all depends on what you want to do.
Start with a free Modbus Scanner p.e. Modscan from WinTech just to get acquainted with the Modbus protocol.

2- You do not have to write any script for the MB3170.
Configure the serial and ethernet port. Enable gateway function in the configuration so all ethernet telegrams are automatically routed to the serial port.

3- There is Modbus to database software available or you can write your own code. Search for Modbus to database in Google.
I would start off by looking at the register values with a Modbus client tool such as modscan32.

Depending on what DB you want to store it, you probably won't need a custom solution. Are you wanting to store it in an historian (ww, osi PI, ip21, etc.) or something like a SQL DB?
Thank you so much! your advise gave me a good idea of what to search for.

As I mentioned before my goal is to query the meter and insert the result data into the database. According your answer "Modbus to Database" sounds what I want to implement.

Does this application let me query the meter and insert the data to the DB automatically every certain time interval?

ake a look at one of my favorite software packages, the Cogent Datahub. it can read/write to Modbus slave devices (your mgate device), store it any ODBC DB, display the data via web browser & more!

good luck