Modbus fault on Telemecanique PLC


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I face a problem of Modbus card fault (TSX SCP 114 from Telemecanique). We read or write 6 adresses each time (with the function READ_VAR and WRITE_VAR), and we have a total of 16 variators. We have various types of variator (altivar, altistart). But the problem did not repeat at regular time. The card fault can be each 6 hours or each week... The diagnostic says it is a lack of memory (but we read only 4 or 5 bytes for each variator). We already changed the Modbus card without success, we changed the PLC (TSX 57 36 26) too. Did you already face this problem? Was it a program problem (but already checked) or can it be an electrical fault, that only the Modbus card can see, or Ethernet?

Thanks in advance.
We have also problems like you describe for years. We didn't get REAL solutions from Schneider, but they still work on this case. Can you send me your program? (or the part with the comm.) I have some solutions, perhaps one will help you.

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My E-mail adress is m_georget @ yahoo. fr . I cannot send you an attached file on this forum, so can you send me an E-mail?