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Alessandro Galbiati

I'm looking to find a solution which is able to connect MODBUS RTU Slaves, log data, and transmit them using GSM/GPRS connection (mail, web). Any idea?

Thanks forthe support

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A MangoES can do this:

It can log data via multiple protocols including Modbus RTU with a built in RS-485 port. It has a large amount of memory for storing locally and then you can schedule it to send out an email with the data in Excel. It also has live web dashboards and graphs to view the live data. The Excel format is super flexible so if you need a nice looking report you can load in your custom Excel template and then get the data exactly how you want it each time. You can include charts and formulas in the Excel file.

It doesn't have a Cell modem built in but you can either use a USB cellular dongle or any cell modem with an ethernet port.

There might be less expensive ways to do it if you don't need much data but the MangoES is hard to beat if you need to collect a lot of data reliably and display it in a nice format.
Hello Alessandro Galbiati,

You can use GSM Modem made by PhoenixContact, here is example of GSM modem with Ethernet interface that you can use Modbus TCP protocol:

If you are using serial interface with Modbus RTU protocol you can select GSM modem with serial interface.

For data logging, in my opinion it should be implemented in your RTU. it can be small PLC with internal logging capability with Modbus protocol, for example is SCADAPack RTU Scheider have or iXC2 RTU from
Rockwell Automation.
Hi Alessandro,

We have the perfect solution for your application. Our WISE-5231

- It will log data from your Modbus RTU device (up to 32 devices)

- The datalog can be emailed or accessed via FTP Server or Client

- IT can be programmed easily using If Then Else logic to trigger email alarms, datalogs, or status reports

If we can help with any questions, please let us know.

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