Moeller Sucosoft S30

Try Klockner Moeller Gmbh. Only phone numbers I have are US 1-800-451-5110 or 508-520-7080. They were helpful in my search for 306 info.

Klaus Treutler

Hi Henk,
I´m also looking for this Software, the old MSDOS Version S30 S3 to communicate with the PS 3 PLC. If you have success, let me know. I´will tell you also if I get. Perhaps there is a possibility of the S30 S316 version. Please email.

Klaus Treutler
[email protected]
The software is almost obsolete now S30 programs can be directly converted by S40 V413 software (windows based). If you don't have the cable for downloading that too is almost obsolete and very expensive if you can find one. If possible stick to S40!