monitoring the temperature of a silo


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ravi shankar

we would like to monitor temperature of a silo of 6 mtr height and with dia of 2 mrt -- can anybody suggest a non contact sensor for temperature measurement

Alok Varshney

I guess you want to measure the temperature of the contents in the silo. One way would be non-contact radiation pyrometer. Easier and cheaper might be to use 4 RTD/TC - 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom to give you a good indication of the material temp in the silo as it is a pretty small silo anyway.
but using rtd will help us to find only the outer tem we want to know the inner temp also to avoid hot spot

pl suggest
The size of the silo might suggest that you use Averaging style RTD's, ( roughly 4 mtrs long ) Position 3 sensors. 2 of them on standoffs , 4 to 6 inches away from the wall and on opposite sides and one in the center. Will give you the best average temp. For non- contact, Infrared at the top of the silo pointing toward the center would give you reasonably close approximate temp.

Nicolas Giorgetti

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