motor controller compatible to the PLC s7-200


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Gayan Aravinda

hi all,

my name is aravinda abeygunawardane. For an engineering project i chose geared DC parallel shaft motor from bison gear ang engineering corporation. it is on 650 series (011-656-0028). In that engineering application the speed that should vary is in between 28 rpm to 52 rpm. and no need to change the direction of the rotation of the motor. According to given specification that motor i mentioned earlier can give 90rpm at 130 V. so i think since maximum rpm that i need is in this range i can reduce the speed. for control the speed i use PWM signals. this is generated by siemens s7- 200 PLC.

can you please tell me whether do you know any motor controller/driver which is suitable, to interface with that PLC s7-200. i got to know that output frequency of the PWM signal from that plc is 20KHz. but due to the selected motor input frequency is not compatible, i can't connect the pwm output of the plc directly to the motor.

also in S7-200 pwm out put voltage is 24V DC. but to that motor; to get the required speed the input voltage should be greater than that. so proper motor driver and controller is essential. so can you please help me to find a commercial name/or requirements of any motor controller or driver which is compatible with PLC seimens s7-200?

can you please help me for this i'm in deep trouble. Unfortunately i cannot find suitable motor controller for that. I'm waiting for a reply from you all. Thank you very much for all.......
The simpler way is using Analog Output 0-10V for speed regulation (instead of PWM one) and Digital Output for Enable of speed regulator with PLC S7-200. Cheap SCR speed regulator with analog input you may find through Internet.