Moving Up - Instrument Tech to a Process Control Engineer


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I’m an Instrument Technician at a refinery now and I really love what I do. That being said, eventually I will be too old to work in the weather and climbing towers.

I want to transition to process control, but not sure what I would need to do that.

What degree would I need to go from tech to engineer?

Even with a degree, the first thing you do out of school is go to manufacturers coding seminars for DCS or PLC's. The degree route depends on what you plan on doing and what you are interested in. You'll generally go into the theoretical aspects. Practical controls/instruments is invaluable. Pressure, Level, Temperature, Flow, Composition controls and safety interlocks.

I does not to be a modern text and some are even free. Just familiarize yourself with the subject.

Like the fella told me when I started, the thing about automation and instrumentation it is constantly changing,