Multi-Position Rotary Selector Switch


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Vales, John

I am in need of a multi-position rotary selector switch. We used to buy these from Entrelec, but I am told they have discontinued them. Ideally, the switch will be rotary, 8 or 12 position, with a binary or BCD output dependent upon the switch position. I *don't* want to use thumbwheels -- but rather a rotary switch. Can anyone suggest an alternative to the old Entrelec? Thanks in advance... jfv John F. Vales Director of Technology [email protected] Wes-Tech Automation Systems, Inc. 720 Dartmouth Lane Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 847.541.5070 (main) 847.419.7950 (direct) 847.419.7988 (fax)

Burda, Jason M.

GEMCO makes a great programmable limit switch. Very easy to program and can be interfaced with a PLC....not so easy...lots of ascii read/writes. I haven't used them since 1996.
I buy a nice one from Amp. It is sold by Newark Electronics. If you need more info than that, I can get it next week. Send me an email if you would like. There was another vendor in Newark's catalog, but I do not remember the name. The Amp was my first choice. Bill Sturm

Curt Wuollet

Hi I suggest the rotaries that they use for tuners and as Potentiometer replacements for audio equipment. Look for them as encoders on google. Regards cww
Kessler-Ellis Products made a switch like the one you described. Unfortunately, I have not used any of their products in a long time so I do not know if it is still a viable product.

Burda, Jason M.

Not sure, whether you have a PLC close, but I know A/B and GE make an encoder could use raw counts if you wanted.