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Moore, Scott A ( Concord )

I am looking for electrical symbol library for AutoCad 14. Is there some
websites which might have some downloadable symbols? I thank you for your help in advance.

Scott A. Moore
Division Engineering
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From my experience, I found your best bet would be to draw your own symbols and save them as blocks or wblocks. You can then import them when required. I have also made template drawings & the blocks are contained in the template.
please email me if you require further info
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I would recommend spending the money for an automated electrical deawing package that works inside of AutoCad. I have been very pleased with the Via Lite package from Via Development. VIAWd is also a very nice package. These packages run inside ACad and support features like automatic symbol insertion, auto wire/line trim, extend, attribute extraction for bill of material, panel layouts, etc. The cost for VIAlite is around 5-600 US$ while the VIAWD I think is about $2K. They will save you hours and hours of time and the investment is well worth it. Don't go cheap unless your own time is cheap to you, but unless you do nothing but electrical drawings, the $10K packages like Promies-E aren't probably worth the extra money.

Roderick K.Duet

I have a very good block library that is almost complete and an autolisp
program that will automatically insert line numbers for my drawing
What are they worth??? These have been polished and developed as needed
for the last 5.5 yrs.
Roderick K. Duet
hey [email protected]

i seen your message and would like to email you but the address is bouncing back to me. perhaps we can trade some symbols or i could have a look at your tempaltes........we're trying to get setup here with templates now.

drop me an email at [email protected]