Need help in Indusoft database


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Hi there, I am currently doing an indusoft application that record/log the total flow every hour and store in MsAccess database. For retrieving the data from the table that generated in the database, it can be done by using SQL statment, SELECT * From [tablename]. To filter out the data by selected period( which most of the clients demand in HMI function), the statment will be SELECT * From [tablename] Where [field in table]>= #DD1/MM1/yyyy1# and <=#DD2/MM2/yyyy2#...if im not wrong ><"..but the date is predefined by us.

The problem now is, the application allowed user to select the date, how to make the selected date by user to update and display in #DD1/MM1/yyyy1# and #DD2/mm2/yyyy2#?