Need sample application program using Siemens S7 CPU 212

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Toto Arbi (TRB)

Dear all,
I am a student that make some practice module using Siemens S7 CPU 212 for our junior student. and I just know about application that content basic ladder, timer and counter.
pls. send me an application that can demonstrate the advance capability of this CPU.
Thank for your attention.
Best regard

Michael Griffin

Siemens has a CD called "Tips and Tricks" with a large number of example programs for the S7-200 on it. They were giving it away free as
promotional material. I think this same information can also be down loaded off their web site. This may suit your needs quite well.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada

Andy Collier

Andre, If you are in the UK you can call 0151 604 3000 for a copy of the "Tips & Tricks" CD or try 1-800-241-4453 in the USA.