Old proface/pilz HMI Pitouch EL 470

Hello ,
I got a problem to download an old prg version made in 2004 apparently .
THe HMI is a pitouch EL470 Pilz but handle by proface.
The prg has probably been created with GP Pro because I can't open it with Touch Pro which is the original software for pitouch .
It is a .prw file created in 2004. the thing is I can't download it with GP Pro whatever the version I have because it says that it does not match the screen I have. But in GP Pro I only have GP series as GP470 but here it is a PT470. I try not to download the system set up but it does not change anything .
I do not know this software at all . It is communicating for sure. I was wondering if there 's a config file in hard to add to GP Pro or something else.

The screen seems ok as I was able to download an older program version into it .
I can't get support anymore by pilz , or proface neither . so here is my last chance .