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Hi Everyone!

I am searching for an OPC Server that can communicate via straight ethernet to an Aromat PLC. I am using the FP2 processor and Aromat's new Ethernet Module. The server must be able to communicate through the Ethernet Module. For my application, I cannot use a serial connection.

There is an OPC Server available from Kepware. However, it cannot communicate through straight ethernet.

I am willing to develop an OPC Server though I have never done developed one before.

Thank you in advance for any information!
What is the Protocol that is used over ethernet for this device. Ethernet is only the communication hardware standard, not the protocol standard. You need to find out if it is Modbus over TCP/IP, Interbus over TCP/IP, Devicenet over
TCP/IP, etc. Once you find this out, it is quite possible that an OPC server already exists.
I know that I can use TCP/IP or UDP/IP. You mention Modbus, Interbus, and DeviceNet. Are those examples of protocol standards? If so, are they always manufacturer specific or do manufacturers have to select from "some list"?

Thanks for your response!
Did you discuss with Kepware having them add ethernet support rather than reinventing the wheel yourself ? Not that they would/should do
it for free; however, however, there's a good chance paying someone who already knows the hardware to do something vs. starting from scratch would cost you less in the total life cycle of ownership - just a thought -

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Mark Hensley

Dear OPC Server Needed

Did you talk with me directly about this driver? If not please call me.

I apologize to the list for this direct solicitation but there appears to be no return email for this sender.

Mark Hensley
Kepware Inc.
81 Bridge St.
Yarmouth Maine 04096
WWW: http://www.kepware.com
Looking for OPC servers, look here.
I did discuss the situation with Kepware. The person I spoke with stated that ethernet functionality would be added in the future. However, the person could not tell me when this would be since his R&D team are very busy. I was told it would at least be a couple of months before they could get to it. For me (as is the case for most of us), time is critical.

Thank you for your response!!
Dear ER,
You could use Citect SCADA. There is a driver towards FP2 Ethernet ( I'm not sure if it's in the official version, in any case Citect can suplly it to You, name of the driver it's "Mewtocom"). Citect it's OPC server so You could use the tag in your application (as client). Clearly it's a dirty solution, because You must pay the Citect key related to number of points read in the PLC. We have evaluated to develop such OPC server for Ethernet FP2 (and FP3) module, but up to now we haven't had such opportunity (pitty for You). In any case the protocol is the same of serial comunication, there is only and extended header to introduce
Good luck


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Modbus, Interbus and others are protocol of communications of "application layer" following OSI Model (7 layers), so when you know what is protocol, you can use kepware's OPC server or other (for example applicom international ...

If you want to write your own OPC Server, you can start from Intellution's OPC Server source (with VC++).

I wanted to thank everyone for the great suggestions.

However, just to let everyone know, Kepware was able to solve my problem in a matter of days! Not only did they develop the OPC server I needed, they also helped me understand key technical issues that pertained to my application. The PRESIDENT of they company took it upon himself to deliver what I needed. Not only was their technical expertise exceptional, but also their customer service.

If anyone out there is in need of an OPC server, then take the time to visit "www.kepware.com":http://www.kepware.com . You will see, just as I did, that they offer OPC servers for a vast majority of manufacturers. I did the research on my own and this is what I found to be true. I've searched the OPC foundation website, google, altavista, etc.

I am posting this message so that others will not waste the time I did trying to search for OPC servers on the web. Also, if you do not see what you need available, give them a call to see what can be done.

I hope this helps others that are in need of an OPC server!