Operator Interface for AB FlexLogix for Zone 1 Environment


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Sagar Gadre

We have a AB FlexLogix System. For which we are looking for a Graphica Interface in the Zone 1 Area. AB Flex Logix has the RS232 Port with the DF1 Protocol & This can also get converted in to the DH 485 Network using the 1761-Net-Aic Card. Also the ControlNet Can be Provided using the ControlNet Daughter Card in the FlexLogix. Control Net can be taken to Hazardous Environment using the Fiber Cable.

We evaluated the R Stahl & MTL. R Stahl has the product for SLC which can communicate with SLC on the "Serial Link on DH 485" according to their catalog. Does anyone has the info on this? If detail sketch/ BOM for the Application is available. It would be a great help.

Ruben Boelinger

I would not advice to use a DF1 - DH485 converter, try to use the MVI 94-MCM FLEX I/O Modbus Converter from ProSoft, then you are able to connect the Operator Interface from R.Stahl .
Thanks for the Solution
I got the idea, how to communicate with the R Stahl using the Modbus Converter.