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Bob Munch

Hello List:
I need to purchase a panel mount, pentium based, flat screen (TFT) industrial computer that has a bezel mounted keypad..and is nema 4X. Could anyone share their recomendations/experiences.
I did an internet search and came up with many vendors I did not recognize. I'd like to try and cross match my "short-list" with list members experience as to what mfgs have provided good quality and reliability.


Bob Munch
I.Q. Controls Corporation
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Check out the new Allen Bradley 6181 range of industrial computers at All with PIII 600mz,12"/10.4"LCD, Touch/keypad 256mb Ram, 30gHD,
Floppy,DVD 10/100ethernet and Win2000.

Dharmesh Shah

There is a company called ADVANTECH & Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) who deals with your kind of requirements. You may contact them for further Inc. details.

Dharmesh Shah

Don Marskell

Our company sells 12 brands of panel mount PC's the ones I have had the best luck with are Xycom Nortech Engineering and Advantech don't know distributors in area but they should all have some.