PlantScape C200 Controller


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Naveed Shaukat

Hello all,
I need information about C200 Controller to be in PlantScape Process, with Windows NT Server 4.0. I need basic info about c200
controller , its data sheets, application, programming ...
Plz tell me an site relating this information
The only C200 I know is the Omron C200 PLC.
Contact your Omron distributor, ask for the C200 installation, or programming, or operation manual, as you require.

Rob Taylor
I doubt you will be able to find any information on Honeywell C200 on Omron's web site. You should probably go to the Honeywell site.
Plantscape is a software for programming control for C200. It includes Control Builder, Knowledge Builder (a kind of help/description
system for Plantscape) and some other modules. C200 is really powerful and Plantscape is a very convenient tool. Unfortunately I don't
have any electronic files I could sent.

Shah, Dharmesh (IE03x)

Please let me know your specific application and requirements. I will be able to help you as I am working with Honeywell who owns this product.