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Andrei Guias

I have a SIMATIC S7-300 with a CPU314IFM and the STEP7 software. I desperately need additional documentation to the one delivered along with the STEP7 software package. It seems that the documentation I have is very superficial regarding the automation concept basics so if you have any helpful links/hints or even books it would help me to overcome my initial problems.

Mike Wehrenberg

There are two three ring binders that are delivered to trainees of the S7 Programming 1 class offered by Siemens. These binders are
quite good. The course itself is quite good as well (Siemens course #ST-7PROG1). These manuals may be available for sale (I believe the publication number is 2592901-0028). The information is presented in a very friendly fashion as to instruction reference, program layout, data layout, etc.). Hopefully, you can contact your local Siemens hitech distributor to get this info and/or signup for the class (which I highly recommend).

mike wehrenberg
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Dieter Bitterle

There is a Getting Started that comes along with STEP 7. Take a look at the manual section and you will find a document called "Working with STEP 7".
I also attach this file to the email.

Dieter Bitterle
Siemens Energy & Automation
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There is a series of books by Hans Berger that I have found useful. Both come with programming examples on diskette. They are available through Siemens:

Automating with Step 7 in LAD
order # A19100-L531-B740-X-7600

Automating with Step 7 in STL
order # A19100-L531-B739-X-7600

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John Staub
Thank you,

I have already ordered "Automating with Step 7 in STL". I hope it will help me.

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Sachin Singh

I am also using a Siemens 314ifm cpu and am relatively new to plc programming.."Automating with s7 in stl" is quite helpful..Contact me for sample programs and useful functions blocks .

Sachin Singh
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