pneumatic actuator with LVTD


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albert avidor


For my application I need a pneumatic cylinder up to 8" stroke 1.5"dia with LVDT device incorporated. So that when the cylinder will
retracted a certain distance I will able to get out a signal. Anybody know a company that manufacture such a device?

Albert Avidor

Dobrowolski, Jacek

Hello Albert,
I've seen devices called Micropulse from Balluff ( <> . But they were working with hydraulic cylinders. So maybe there is possibility to use them with
pneumatic ?

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Bruce Axtell

I'm not sure if you are asking who makes the cylinder or who makes the LVDT. Most major cylinder manufacturers will make a cylinder that accommodates such a device. They do this by using
a hollow rod and inserting the sensing device in the rod. I have used cylinders up to 10 feet long with these devices. MTS and Balluff are two of many manufacturers that make these devices.

Good luck.
The challenge with the devices is the rod size of the cylinder is too small for the feedback to be mounted internally, Although external mount would still be an option.

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Steven Hester , Hamrick,Inc

Albert, The best product for your application would be a LVDT cylinder from Bimba or a Balluf Micropulse...but the Micropulse most be mount to a standard pneumatic cylinder. Both have excellent resolutions. We have used both in several applications with no complaints. The Micropulse can be fed back to a PLC analog board...with somewhere around .0002 resolution. Best of luck. Steven Hester Electrical Dept. Manager/Programmer Hamrick Machine Builders 105 Main St. Augusta, Illinois 62311