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Good day everyone,

I'm a graduating instrumentation engineer student. its just that my group is having a trouble in thinking out what project were supposed to do for thesis. can't you tell me some ideas?

Any suggestions, experience and ideas will be appreciated

thanks a lot in advance
Unless you are referring to automatic controls and modelling, the best resource you have is working in an operating environment.
Some possible topics:

Wireless control systems

Cybersecurity in instrument and control systems (maybe firewalls for PLCs or design for cybersecurity and safety, for example)

Safety Instrument Systems (SIS) design for reliability and security

Use of FMEA in the design of instrument systems

Reducing human error in the design and maintenance of instrument and control systems (ICS)

Maintainability and operability in the design of ICS

Designing safe machines

Troubleshooting modern digital control systems

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Ikhtiander -

Hi Bodjakk,

In my humble opinion, Instrumentation is a wide topic, covering from sensing element topic all the way to data processing, so this will be depent to your focused topic. I will take one example of instrumentation system for natural gas system.

For sensing element, example is gas flow measurement using new physical method or to improve existing method such orifice DP or Turbine method so more accurate and reliable.

For signal conditioning, how you can improve performance of existing electronic signal conditioner and transmitter such as wheatstone bridge or differential amplifier or make the method so current loop from DP transmitter to control system or scada system more to immune noise or electromagnetic interference.

For control system ir scada system, maybe how you can improve gas flow calculation using better method than existing algorithm such as AGA3 or 8 or if this natural gas system belong to gas fired boiler sytem so you can improve boiler performance using improved method of combustion control algorithm.

For data processing, maybe how you can use artificial intelligent to improve compensation to gas compressibility or environment effect to to existing gas flow calculation algorithm so AGA algorithm will be more accurate and reliable or may be you can use machine learning to improve air to fuel ratio control on boiler process.

Just my two cents