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George Jensen

Hey, everyone, I'm looking for some literature regarding the use of MP2. If anyone knows where I can get any, or has a URL that I could visit, I'd love any help. Thanks.

Paul Butchart

The best place that I know of for that would be at That's the DataStream web site. We've been working on implementing MP2 for the last 6 months and they've been a lot of help.

Paul Butchart
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Qualitech Steel SBQ, L.L.C.
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Fernando Rosa

Do you have pdf files from MP2 Documentation CD? There are more information about MP2 Program, if you want it, i can send you by mail. Only problem is file's weight ( about 31 Mb )

Tomas Negron

If you could send it my way, I'd truly appreciate it. > I've got the MP2 users manual in a PDF format if that would help you.