Problem Rebooting Mark-VIe Gas Turbine


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We have one frame 6 GE make 30 MW Gas Turbine. It's control system was upgraded from Mark-IV to Mark-VIe (GE) during last year during Major Inspection. We took Mark-VIe shut down by isolating it's power for doing welding jobs in field related to HGPI. Now after restoring electrical power it is not getting started. As per our Instrument dept. it not booting.

What may be the problem?
from where can we get guidance regarding Mark-VIe problem?

The Mark VIe should have been powered down in an orderly fashion by opening the circuit breakers and switches to the various components (<R>, <S>, <T> and the SPROs (<X>, <Y> and <Z>). And then the power to the "Mark VIe" could have been isolated from the main power supply breaker as was done in the past with the Mark IV. (I believe the Mark IV-Mark VIe Migration, if that's what was done at your site, should also have a DC Mains breaker on the power distribution section in the lower left corner of the left side wall of the control panel enclosure--basically where the Mark IV <PDM> was located.)

The process of restoring power would be the exact opposite: apply DC mains, then power up the SPROs one at a time, then power up the main processors one at a time. I don't recall the LEDs on the front of the UCSAs, but you need to wait about three to four minutes after applying power to each of <R>, <S> and <T> before applying power to the next processor, and then the next.

That should allow the Mark VIe to power up properly. When the DC mains is applied to all the processors at the same time, they don't play nicely together some times. Some times they do; many times they don't.

Please have someone get familiar with the drawings which were provided with the Mark VIe to understand the power distribution and the Mark VIe.

Hope this helps!
My Panel Configuration is Mark-VI and GT (Machine) Is Frame-6B
I am sharing you some suggestion and past experience regarding how to switch off and switch on-the Mark-VI Panel, Kindly See Below details:

(1) If you work regarding cutting/welding job surrounded in GT area we have to switch-off the Mark-VI Panel. Before Switch off the panel ensure all GT-Drives should be in Manual Mode.

(2) Go to respective panel and open the panel door and open PDM (Power Distribution Module). there is different Toggle switch in-side PDM upper-right side. R, S, T Toggle switch is there simply down the R, S, T Toggle Switch and down the <x>, <y>, <z> toggle switch with green LED left side in PDM Module. one more toggle switch is in inside PDM above R, S, T relay toggle switch is there down that toggle switch.

(3) After switch-off all the <R>, <S>, <T>, <X>, <Y>, <Z> and relay toggle switch you will get all blink light off on respective processor.

(4) Ensure Don’t Power Off From Panel DCDB (Direct Current Distribution Board).

(5) After Completed the cutting/welding job you can start the respective panel like: Toggle switch up/on <R>, <S>, <T>, <X>, <Y>, <Z> and relay. It Will take few minute (5-10 min) for booting. after boot the panel you will get all LED Should Blink on green colour and all <R>, <S>, <T>, LED Blink as a Synchronize way. During panel boot you will get relay pick sound from <R>, <S>, <T> and finally you will get more sound from relay pick-up from panel that’s means you will get successfully panel-boot.

Now You Problem Solution:

(1)One More Time you re-boot the panel If You are not get result then

(2) Go to HMI Open .m6b Control System Click On left side of screen Mark-VI I/O and Click right side. you will get option Down load. click on down load. then come Download Configuration, then click respective option after that. in .m6b upper task bar option is there For: Validate then Build Then Down load Application Code.

(3) Left side of screen Click on main page and then Validate. Build and Download Application Code and save it the file. if need re-boot the panel once again. Mostly you will get the solution if not please let me know I will guide you on different way.