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Hi guys,

I’m trying to come with a comparison between a couple of systems for a PROVOX DCS replacement. I need to consider a DeltaV, PlantPAx and System 800xA options. The system itself comprises 6 controllers that are going to be replaced on a progressive way (one by one).

There is communication between every controller which means the new system will have to able to communicate with the old PROVOX controllers. This communication HAS to be done through the existing PROVOX Data Highway II.

It seems that Emerson has a Provox DeltaV Integrator that links the Provox Data Highway and the DeltaV Control Network.

In the Allen Bradley case they claim to have a RA56-SAM module that sits in the contrologix rack and communicates with the Provox though I can’t find any information indicating this module will interface directly with the Provox datahigh way II, which makes me think it will require other kind of serial comms???

I had problems getting useful technical information out of the ABB website. I believe that their arquitecture is similar to the one from Emerson with a gateway server sitting on the top of the Provox Highway network and interfacing with the 800xA System Network.

I would prefer to avoid using a gateway server to communicate with the Provox which will means that Allen Bradley will be the best option if it really can communicate directly with the Provox Data Highway... I’ll welcome any comment on this.

Hello J.J.

I am facing same problem, do you got solution of your query? If yes then kindly reply me the procedure and outcomes if you really successfully installed Allen Bradley for PROVOX HMI replacement.

Vibha Jain