Push-Pull Encoder


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Marco Fantelli

My question is only to understand how it works a Push-pull encoder and witch are the differnce to the other kind of encoders. Is it like a Single_ended configuration.
If someone knows, please, tell me if there are some interesting links on the web.
Thank you to everybody

Marco Fantelli

Rich Waskowitz

Are you referring to push-pull outputs? If so, I can explain. Some encoders have simple transistor outputs that either source a supply voltage through the encoder and on to the input device or sink the voltage from the input source. When sourcing and sinking outputs are not true, the outputs float. A push-pull output uses two transistors, one sourcing voltage when the output is true, and one to pull the output down to zero when it is false. There is no floating and the output can be connected to either a sinking or a sourcing type input.