Quantum Hot Standby: remote CPUs

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Jean-Pierre Mondange

Would be very interested to exchange with anybody who could have experimented the implementation of a Quantum Hot Standy Architecture, with more than 1 km distants CPUs
Back in the mid 90's, we implemented a Modicon 984/800 with HSBY system > 1 KM without any repeater for a gas processing plant with 7 RIO drops.

Another Quantum HSBY system was installed in a food catering building.

So, i'm not sure in which area that you wish to know more.

In the application I designed, we have 3 pairs of redundant processors and RI/O. Each processor pair is in a dedicated enclosure. One of these pairs is about 1km away. We use a total of four NW FR89D200 to integrate this remote processor system with the other two. Any interlocks between the processor systems are hard wired I/O.