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Sandeep Shroff

Dear List members

We have developed an embedded solution for process industries. For this, we are in need of an embedded hardware with following general

CPU details : Any X86 Compatible CPU with reasonably good speed (ideally PIII ) hardware with 32 Mb Disk-on -chip support, 128 MB RAM, with 2 serial ports, 1RJ45 Ethernet support with necessary driver support ,OS:
Red Hat Linux version 6.2 Kernel version 2.2.14
Should support JVM 1.3
Hardware size : Preferably credit card size or 5 1/2 x 8.00 inches.
Housing : any rugged enclosure with power supply ( Preferably a Universal SMPS)

Price : should be on the cheaper side (not more 200 $)

I would like to have your suggestions / feedback / pointers / your experiences to share about a hardware with above desired features.

Thanking you all in anticipation

Sandeep Shroff
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Curt Wuollet

Hi Sandeep;

Two places that I would look are
"www.embeddedlinuxjournal.com":http://www.embeddedlinuxjournal.com and

There are links to a lot of information on these sites and the linked sites.

$200.00 sounds low, especially with a housing, ethernet and the memory you spec. Perhaps some of the National Semi Geode boards or MachZ might
get close in quantity. I've looked at Diamond Systems and Tri-M Engineering for their Linux
support, but they are kinda spendy. Paring down your requirements brings improvement fast. It would almost certainly be worthwhile to port to a
version of Linux already pared dowm for embedded use. That might get you to that price point by reducing requirements. The JVM shouldn't be a problem as Java is popular for Embedded Linux. Go figure. An Embedded configuration is reasonably inexpensive. Duplicating a desktop with embedded hardware is not.

Good Luck!