Danfoss Launches iC2-Micro Family of Compact and Intelligent Drives

February 25, 2024 by Shawn Dietrich

Danfoss has released a new family of smart, compact variable frequency drives to replace its existing VLT Micro Drive product line. The new drives are suitable for HVAC and general-purpose applications.

Danfoss, a global supplier of pumps, motors, hydraulic power units, heat exchangers, climate control solutions, and drives, has released a compact variable frequency drive designed for the HVAC industry to control virtually any AC motor type. 


Danfoss’ iC2-Micro is a general purpose drive designed for use across industries, particularly in HVAC applications

Danfoss’ iC2-Micro is a general-purpose drive designed for use across industries, particularly in HVAC applications. Image used courtesy of Danfoss


HVAC Motor Control

The HVAC industry uses motors to cool or heat buildings and houses. The motors do this with fans and pumps, and to control the speed of these motors, a variable frequency drive (VFD) is required. Typically, a VFD is used in larger industrial installations of air handling units, heat pumps, and liquid pumps. To reduce the amount of electrical load, a VFD is commonly used to aid in starting these devices. With today’s advanced control systems, the running speed of the fans and pumps can also be accurately controlled, resulting in a more efficient system. 


iC2-Micro Drives

Designed to replace the VLT Micro Drive FC 51, Danfoss’ new iC2-Micro family of VFDs is intended for various HVAC applications, including fan and pump speed control. The drives can control permanent magnet motors, have coated printed circuit boards, utilize natural and active cooling, and operate in temperatures up to 120 °F. Each iC2-micro has an LED display, status indicators, and navigation buttons. For adjusting the frequency, a built-in potentiometer allows for easy manipulation of the stored frequency. 

Users can quickly obtain product information by scanning a QR code on the front of the drives

Users can quickly obtain product information by scanning a QR code on the front of the iC2-Micro drives. Image used courtesy of Danfoss


A Smart, General-purpose Drive

The iC2-Micro product line consists of two models, a 200-240 VAC version and a 380-480 VAC version, with a power range of 0.37-2.2 kW. Either model can be ordered with or without a built-in EMC filter. Two analog inputs, one voltage of 0-10 V and one current of 4-20 mA, are provided, along with one analog output of 4-20 mA. Five digital inputs are equipped, with one of the inputs configurable as an output and one programmable relay output available with a load rating up to 2 A.  

Even though the iC2-Micro was designed to replace the VLT FC 51, new features have been added, such as torque open loop control, locked motor detection, and permanent magnet motor control. The iC2 also uses Danfoss’ MyDrive Insight PC tool for commission and configuration.

A remote control panel can be added to the iC2 series as an option for remote applications. The remote control panel is a 2-inch monochrome display with multi-language support. The connection uses a standard RJ45 connection, allowing for parameter copy and download. 


The iC2 series can be paired with an optional 2 inch display remote control panel

The iC2 series can be paired with an optional 2-inch display remote control panel. Image used courtesy of Danfoss


Motor Speed Control and Efficiency

The most inefficient time of an electrical motor is when it starts from a dead stop. To reduce this inefficiency, a VFD will manipulate the supply voltage frequency, forcing the motor to start slowly. A great way for building managers to reduce their carbon emissions is to replace older VFDs with more advanced drives or add a VFD where there isn’t one already in the design. The iC2-Micro is compact and capable of controlling virtually any motor, including permanent magnet motors, making it ideal for motor control in the HVAC industry.