New UR30 From Universal Robots: Heavy Payload in a Compact Size

December 06, 2023 by Seth Price

Universal Robots has announced the release of the UR30, a collaborative robot featuring the heaviest payload in the UR catalog and a maximum reach meeting or exceeding many previous models.

The latest addition to the Universal Robots lineup, the brand-new UR30, has taken all of the advantages of recent previous models, adding more lifting capacity, a long reach, and enhanced software for high-impact application capability. Previous models, like the UR20, are still highly capable, award-winning cobots, but customer feedback has highlighted a need for more of a good thing. Therefore, the UR30 was unveiled to lift heavier objects without significantly increasing its physical size.


New UR30 cobot

Universal Robots' new UR30 model. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots


Universal Robots UR30

The UR30 rides on the success of the UR20, a previous robot released only a few months prior to this new model. Soon after the UR20 was on the market, Universal Robots saw an opportunity to make an even stronger cobot, based on the feedback from customers. Hence, the UR30 was born, capable of lifting 30 kg (~66 lbs) and reaching as far away as 1300 mm with full torque capability, even at its longest extension.

Just like the UR20, the UR30 uses the same 12-inch touchscreen teaching pendant with PolyScope graphical user interface, meaning those who already use a UR20 need no additional training to deploy a UR30. It also has the same 17 built-in safety functions and six degrees of freedom.

In terms of ruggedness, the UR30 is rated at IP65, protected from dust and water jet ingress, making it suitable for many challenging manufacturing environments.

One of the distinct advantages of the UR30 over similarly capable robots is its small footprint. With a base diameter of only 245 mm occupied by the robot’s base, it can be installed in many places that larger robots cannot. Furthermore, the entire robot only weighs 63.5 kg, making it fairly easily portable, allowing more simple reconfiguration of a manufacturing space.


UR30 tending a CNC machine

The UR30 application cases range from palletizing, machine tending, screwdriving, and many others. Image used courtesy of Universal Robots


Steady-Torque Screwdriver Design

The high torque capability is combined with a steady mode and secure tool mounting. This combination of features means the UR30 can be used for high-speed, high-torque screwdriving. With full torque available at the longest extension, one UR30 cobot armed with a screwdriver can quickly and repeatedly tighten screws.

Screwdriving at the end of a robotic arm is a major challenge. Consider the delivery of torque required to keep the workpiece steady and turn the screwdriver. As power is applied to the screwdriver, the feedback force also wants to turn the robotic arm. The longer the arm, the larger the lever arm, increasing the stress on the arm joints. With the tested design of the UR20, which is enhanced in the UR30, the cobot can reach long distances and still tighten screws reliably.


Advancements in Cobot Technology

Universal Robots continues to push the envelope of possibility, maximizing the potential lifting capacity in a compact space. The UR30 is the next step in the UR product evolution, lifting more and reaching farther, all without significantly increasing the weight or robotic footprint. It will be a welcome addition to any picking, packing, machine tending, or screw-tightening operation in virtually any industry.