Antaira Technologies Creates New Compact Ethernet Switch

February 08, 2024 by Damond Goodwin

Antaira Technologies has recently released a new 8-port industrial Ethernet switch, designed to bring reliable connectivity to applications in harsh control system environments.

Antaira Technologies, a harsh environment networking/communications solution developer and manufacturer, has recently announced the release of its latest Ethernet solution. The technology comes in the form of a compact Ethernet switch for industrial applications called the LNP-800G.


A Rugged Ethernet Switch

The new LNP-800G has been designed with the harsh industrial environment in mind and is rated to fit into many harsh environment scenarios. The compact switches are available in two different models to fit different temperature ranges, the LNP-800G and the LNP-800G-T, with the latter being designed to fit a broader temperature range for outdoor or extreme environments. Antaira Technologies has worked to make the new Ethernet solutions easy to deploy with a high level of reliability for the places where manufacturers need Ethernet ports the most.


Antaira's new Ethernet switch model

Antaira Technologies’ LNP-800G Ethernet switch comes in a tough housing made for harsh environments. Image used courtesy of Antaira Technologies


Features of the LNP-800G and LNP-800G-T

The new Ethernet switches from Antaira Technologies come with a series of new and exciting features for customers looking for Ethernet switch solutions. There are two different models depending on the temperature range the switches are likely to see during their lifetime. The LNP-800G is capable of working in temperatures from -10°C to 65°C, and the LNP-800G-T is capable of operating in extreme temperatures from -40°C to 75°C.

The devices are an 8-port industrial compact PoE+ gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switch and are capable of handling 10/100/1000Tx network communication speeds. The ports have a capacity of 30W per port with an input voltage range of 48-55 VDC. The switches are backward-compliant industrial PoE+ switches that will support IEEE 802.3af/at standards.

A hardened metal case is standard, providing an IP-30 rating for device protection. They mount via an industry-standard DIN rail connection, with wall mounting also available for use in electrical cabinets or other mounting scenarios. The LNP-800G series Ethernet switches are also high EFT and ESD protection rated to fit into many different industrial applications, such as outdoor, solar, security, or even for use in vehicles. To ensure device safety, overload protection is built into the system, and a five-year warranty is standard.

With store and forward switching architecture, corrupted information forwarding is reduced and can help to improve the network performance and reliability for applications that require high data accuracy. The devices typically operate at speeds of up to 1 Gbps and can function as the link between industrial infrastructure and upper-level controls and IIoT systems giving users access to large levels of data transfer.


A Better Connection

Antaira Technologies has designed the new LNP-C800G/LNP-C800G-T to give users a seamless uninterrupted network experience. The robustness of the design ensures that they will be a good fit for harsh environments and can offer customers reliable and efficient connectivity for a wide range of industrial applications. Lastly, the carefully designed ease of deployment hopes to bring advantages to customers through the least possible amount of downtime and hassle.