Question regarding HC900 Operator Station


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Frank Seipel

We have the HC900 Honeywell 10" touchscreen interface. I had several questions relating to plotting:

1.) Is there a way with a program to auto-scale the plots? I understand the rudiments of programs but do not understand how to access the historical data in the plot, if I could do this I could easily loop through it & set min and max values. I can set min & max via touchscreen. I realize I can get min & max from function block (eg PID), but I do not want, say, 0 and 150 C, if values have been between 20 and 30 C I want to plot in that range over the time horizon. I'm assuming I could open & read the data log but there is probably a better way?

2.) On a similar note is there a way to see the code behind widgets or are they all pre-compiled?

3.) Another somewhat related question regarding operator interface. For alarms I'd like to display 'Detail1' and 'Detail2' lines as input in HC900 Designer. How are these fields accessed? I was able to display this data by hard-coding a program that queries the alarm name, but if anyone has a directory of all variable mappings that would be helpful too.