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We are using WinCC for one of our projects. We have got a cycle of temperature which has to be controlled. For each cycle we have got more than one segments which has to be defined before the start of the process and shall vary from one batch to the other. How do i do such type of recipe managment in WinCC. Is there any ready to use tool available for recipe managment for WinCC.

Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

There is a package called Batch flexible by SIEMENS. ON the other hand, you can write your own batch management procedure. The scripting in WinCC is ANSI-C. Use the C language's capability to do file handling and thus create your very own receipe management system.

Maguire, Kevin

Hello Sir,

You have 3 (at least) options for managing recipes.

1. WinCC manages recipes the an option called "User Archives".
This is available at your local distributor. If you need assistance locating one, contact me directly.
2. Since WinCC is built on an OPEN DATABASE, you can read and write information with any SQL or ODBC database tools. The WinCC database is SQL Anywhere from Sybase.
3. You can use a visual basic program.

Option 1 would be the easiest.

Good luck,

Kevin Maguire
Software Specialist
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