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Robert Westlake

I require a fieldbus which offers redundant backup of field I/O. Example of which, if trunk line is damaged, tokens etc echo back the other way (via ring network) thus ensureing I/O data is received under fault condition.

Any information is kindly welcomed!

Verhappen, Ian

Most major host system suppliers offer this feature so I suggest you contact them directly. They may not support a ring, but redundancy is and has been available for some time. Companies that I know which support I/O redundancy, listed in order of the length of time they have provided it include: Smar (, Yokogawa's Centum (, and Emerson's DeltaV
( Foxboro may have it as well, but if they don't it will be here before year end. There may be others as well but these are the "big 3" in the Fieldbus area.

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Per André Horpen


I also know that Hirschmann Electronics has a broad range of media converters for almost any RS485-based protocol, that offers redundancy both in ring and point-to-point connections.

For more info on this, visit, and enter Automation and Network solutions.
Hirschman has good ring redundant products, and also have a GE Fanuc Genius
"OZD Genius G3" that supports self healing fiber ring topology of the GE Genius I/O lan. GE Genius I/O Lan also can be utilized with the FieldControl BIU module which has built in configurable Bus Switching device as well as configurable hold-over, response times. Plus whenutilized with the CGRseries of CPUs for the 9070 PLC, can be run with many diff modes of Redundant PLC & I/O Bus configurations for both I/O Lan redundancy & PLC Redundancy. They also have the GMR & TMR modular setups available for TUV cert voting applications. See the site and look for the Critical Control section. I've used the CGR935 systems with DUALCPUS/DUALIO/DUALEnet communications and it's a sweet setup. Also avail is a duplex VME Split rack to put 2ea CPU/PS/GENI/Synch in 1 19"rack.
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oh also PHOENIX Digital makes a GE Genius I/O ring fiber driver as well.

How redundant do you need to get on your application?