Remote I/Os over 6 Kms.


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vikram pungaliya

However, some of the Drops are at a distance of 6 kms north and one drop 6 kms south of the central GBC. The system to have redundancy between GBC to I/O drop. Can anyone suggest a suitable configuration (eg; using fibre optic etc.) thanks in advance regards vikram pungaliya

Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All
We try to use Industrial ethernet over microwave radios, they work especially well if the aerials are in fixed locations, but also work O.K. on moving machines with reduced distance capability.
If any body can recommend a Profibus radio modem, I would like to try that rout some day as well.
Donald Pittendrigh
Industrial Automation & Systems Integration CC

Andy Piereder

The requirement for determinism is not mentioned, but in a deterministic system, RF would be problematic due to the vagaries of that medium. Profibus has a fiberoptic option which would perserve the deterministic character of the system (if indeed it requires such). I know that at least the 9070 has a Profibus scanner available although I am not sure whether it has a fiberoptic port (although one is planned). I will check and report back.
Andy Piereder

Doug McQueen ESI Electric Supply Inc.

In response to the distance you want to go?, The Idec fa3 plc has a fibre
module. The cp13 performes pretty fast. The Idec open net controller is pretty
awesome indeed, however I don’t know if a fibre optic module is available for
cpu yet. check it out