Replacing UHF radio transceiver with Wifi

Dear all,
I am new to wireless data communication technology, i want to replace an UHF transceiver package (working at 430mhz frequency, 1W power) and replace them with Wifi (2.4Ghz, 400mW power) for and maritime application. Could this viable in the environment, sometime there will be obstacle between transmitter and receiver like ship,...
I am thinking about 3g/4g transmission too.
Please give me your advice.

Thank you very much,

When you want to use Wifi , you must also take care of the communications protocol used for Wifi.
When there are objects in between the transmitter and receiver, the Wifi can likely not pass.
You will have to look at the propagation of waves for the different ferquencies.
Wifi can be 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or 6 GHz, depending on the version:
3G and 4G can be on several frequencies, depending on the region.