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Peter Wurmsdobler

The 3rd Real-Time Linux Workshop was recently held at the Crowne Plaza Linate hotel in Milan, Italy. This was the first such event organized
under the direction of the Real-Time Linux Foundation and Active Exhibitions Europe. Although the aftermath of the tragedy of September 11 diminished the involvement of our American colleagues, the workshop was a melting pot of software and hardware engineers and brought together developers, users, advocates and a trade show all under the one roof.

The Real Time Linux Foundation and the Thinking Nerds organized three of four conference tracks with high quality presentations. Highlights of the 2 day conference include kick start sessions conducted by Real-Time Linux Foundation staff to introduce newcomers to the brave new world of
real-time Linux and 3 excellent keynote addresses. The "humanoid robot" keynote by Satoshi Kagami of the National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology in Japan, in particular, enthralled delegates at the end
of a long first day. At the end of the second day, Fred Proctor of the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States,
managed to hold everyone's attention with a first-class talk on measuring performance in real-time Linux.

Parallel track sessions enabled delegates to pick and choose their topics and there was much time for discussion both after the talks and at the lunch/tea/coffee breaks. So, after Vienna, Orlando and Milan, the real-time Linux workshops continue next year in Boston, Massachusetts.
The dates and call for papers will be announced in due course.

Board of Directors, Real Time Linux Foundation, Inc.
The Thinking Nerds