RS 485 to Ethernet


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Pete Jansen

I have several Staefa Control System NCRS panels that I want to connect over an ethernet WAN/LAN. The panels can be connected through RS 485 2 wire LAN ports but we don't have any way to wire between our buildings. We do however have ethernet throughout our facilities. Lantronix in California make a device that does that. However, I can't get it to work. The issue appears to be the protocol Staefa uses. Anyone ever try this? Any thoughts as to settings etc?

We've recently had some communications with Lantronix on behalf of one of our clients -- Lantronix told us they make two versions of their
hardware - one for commercial markets and one for industrial. The commercial market stuff they say is not suited well for protocols where timing is critical and that users should be using their industrial versions.

Now what i don't know is how much of that is a means to sell a higher margin product -- not to imply anything negative against lantronix - but
that was our client's concern when we shared with him what Lantronix told us. If I were you I'd give the folks at Lantronix a call and talk with their support group about this issue. They may say the same thing but give them the chance.