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I need to comunicate a RSView32 SCADA system in a network Siemens Profibus. Is there a "driver" or company which has developed a "Soft driver" for the Profibus Network interface with RSView32.

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James Ingraham

Sure. In fact, just about any Profibus card you buy comes with an OPC server, or at least has one available for sale. My own personal favorite is Synergetic Micro Systems ( "": ). They have both PCI and ISA Profibus master cards (The SMS-CIF50-PB and SMS-CIF30-DPM. Unfortunately, you will most likely need to be a Profibus slave. Siemens makes a DP-master to DP-master bridge module for this purpose, but Synergetic does also have an ISA
Profibus slave card. SST makes an ISA card (the 5136-PBMS-ISA) that views all the data on the Profibus network, making it ideal for HMI applications where you want to display everything talking Profibus rather than just a few bits.
Check it out at Virtually any other card make has an OPC server available, including applicom, Siemens, and others.

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The best solution is that you buy the Siemens OPC server and use the RSview how OPC Client. This is a solution that many customers use in their aplications with RSView and other PLCs.

sujit sarkar

Dear GBueno

Theare is one Software in Allen Bradley, called KEP-SERVERX. This software is a OPC server .it helps you to communicate 40 companies Automation System. you have to buy KEPSERVER for SIEMENS. I had already communicate RSVIEW with Profibus DP.

I am working in a Rockwell Automation System Intigrator. for detail you can communicate thru my email .


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Siemens makes an OPC server (software) for their processors. This OPC server can be used with any OPC client, it is not limitted to Siemens own WinCC HMI. If you use Profibus with other processors, you should look for drivers for
these processors. As far as I know, the Profibus standard does not standardise the interface to
the processor, therefore the Siemens OPC server (that works with Profibus, or Ethernet) will probably not work with other processors.

Daniel Chartier

You´ve two ways to find out this driver.
First you must know that RSview is an OPC cliente and an OPC Server, So any OPC server available in the market is a good solution. First way, is to use a good search engine as google using the magic words OPC and RSview. The second way is to contact the local AB distributor he must know about this.

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